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A Life In Movies Part II: 1986 to 2000

Here Goes the second part of Life In Movies for the Remainder of my Life.

2000: Memeto. Christopher Nolan made very good impact in his very first movie. Most notable is the way of storytelling – starting at the end and then coming towards start. You know how this is going to end in very first scene but it doesn't k kill suspence for you, it builds on it. Other movies that deserve to be mentioned: Chocolat, Traffic.

1999: The Matrix. It took me long time to understand this movie and then like it. However, over the years I have learnt to appreciate it, especially after watching next two parts(For the record, Second one was OK but I hate last one). Greatness of this movie lies in that amazing concept of artificial reality created by your own mind. Other movies that deserve to be mentioned: The Green Mile and The Sixth Sense.

1998: Saving Private Ryan. I think this is the best war movie made ever, afilm of great Vision and scope. It also has some of the most memorable moments. Opening war scene at Omaha Beach - I usually find myself stopping at this point to catch my breath and then Tom Hanks speech after he lets POV go - Golden moments. It is quite an experience that you live with while watching a film. Notable Mentions: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, American History X and Life Is Beautiful.
1997: One of my Favorite years. There are so many movies made this year that I love. As Good As It Gets, Good Will Hunting, My Best Friends Wedding - List goes on and on. However, best movie of the year to me was The Sweet Hereafter. It is an extremely honest and painful Canadian movie which I have talked about earlier here. Special Mention: Children of Heaven.

1996: Jerry Maguire, for the lack of better option. For some reason, I do not appreciate many of supposed great movies made this year - The English Patient, Fargo. They are not bad movies rather they are good just not good enough to make in my favorite movies. maybe, I am missing some good ones...

1995: The Usual Suspects. Nothing is as it seems in the multilayer-ed, velvety movie. In the end, when Kevin Spacey breaks his limp and starts walking normally was one of worst moments of my cinematic experience. I just could not believe it. IF there are points for an ending, Usual Suspects will get 100/100 for unusual, unsuspecting ending. Notable Mention: Se7en

1994: Pulp Fiction. Outrageously violent and time-twisting but extremely influential film And we have many equally influential films in the same year e.g. The Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump or should I just say a typical Tarantino Film? But believe me, even Tarantino will find it very difficult to better this. And Samuel Jackson reciting Ezekiel 25:17. HEAVEN!! 

1993: Schindler's List: This movie is a rare combination of being an uplifting as well as disturbing. One of the best works of Spielberg's career as well as any holocaust movies made. Spielberg handles this controversial, sophisticated story with real sensibility. Others worth mentioning: Philadelphia, Groundhog Day, The Big Lebowski.

1992: A Few Good Men. There are very few examples of monologues better than Jack Nicholson's testament at the very end of the movie which leaves you flabbergasted. Jack Nicholson has a very small part to play, but even during that time he leaves you in awe. Others worth mentioning: My Cousin Vinny, Scent of a Woman.

1991: The Silence of the Lambs. One of the only 3 films to win all the big Oscars, Best Film, Actor, Actress, Director and Screenplay and I wouldn't doubt it especially Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter. Other Notable mentions: JFK, Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Now, this is going to be a real test. For some reasons, there aren't many personal favorite movies during 80's. Give me 70's and I am much more comfortable. I am still going to try my best.

1990: Goodfellas. One of the legendary films Scorsese made during his equally legendary career. Its legendary status was elevated by Academy's snub over Dances with Wolves (REALLY??) However Goodfellas is a kind of film which will appear on almost any Best of XXXX List I will make. Runner-Up: Pretty Woman.

1989: Just one of the years I hate 80's for. It isn't a case that there are not any good movies, it had Crimes and Misdemeanors, Steel Magnolias, Glory and When Harry Met Sally. They just aren't good enough. Ok. Crimes and Misdemeanors for the lack of better option.

1988: Grave of the Fireflies. One more tearjerker. But it is an extremely touching story, specially the character of Satsuko. As adorable as little girl from Monsters. Inc(2001). This film leaves its impression on you long after you have seen it. Other Notable Mentions: Cinema Paradiso, and Rain Man

1987: The Last Emperor even though it is little too lengthy. and Just like 1989, there are few good movies as well like Wall Street, The Princess Bride and Moonstruck.

and Finally 1986: PlatoonThis is closest a war movie can be Anti-War. Oliver Stone directorial debut venture is brutal but realistic account of a soldier's experience in Vietnam War. Stone himself served in Vietnam and film is pretty much based on his experiences itself. Runner Up: Hannah and Her Sisters, Aliens.

So How does it Look?

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