Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reflection on Golden Globes

Golden Globes last night were mostly what everyone of us expected to be or at least I thought so. Few surprises - few pleasant, few unpleasant but mostly acceptable. Until today, many of us have talked a lot about who should have been nominated and who should not have been. Now that winners are announced, let me focus solely on nominees and Winners rather than complaining about who should have been here. So let me get down to business. These are some of the last night's winners from the categories I had something to say about.

Best Supporting Actor - Christopher Plummer (Beginners)
As expected. Not much more to say (See!! I am not complaining about Nick Nolte not being nominated.)

Best Television Series: Drama - Homeland
Soo happy for this. Homeland is Incredible for all the twists and turns in its very first season. I never saw any of those coming.
Best Original Score - Ludovic Bource (The Artist)
Since I haven't seen The Artist yet, I won't complain. Some of the other nominees were brilliant(Hugo and The Girl with Dragon Tattoo). So, I will assume that it is better than them. Many others fellow bloggers seem to think so as well.

Best Original Song - Madonna for 'Masterpiece' from W.E.

Best Actress: Comedy/Musical - Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn)
There should not have been any doubt in anybody's mind that anyone else would have won this. And she did.

Best Supporting Actor in a Series or Mini-Series - Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones)
I am currently reading Third Book of the Series and Dinklage's Tyrion Lennister is by far my favorite character of the Series. After watching Game of Thrones 1st Season, every time I read, I picture him saying those lines. He is just made for this role.

Best Animated Feature - The Adventures of Tintin
I actually have not seen any of the nominees. But the other option was Rango and Jonney Depp is doing the same characters for many years that I am bored now. So, Good Job !!

Best Screenplay - Midnight in Paris
Many expected to The Artist to win. Not Me. I WANTED Midnight in Paris to Win. So, I am delighted to see it happen.

Best Foreign Language Film - A Separation
Makes me want to see this even more. It beat The Skin I Live In.

Best Actress, Television Series Drama - Claire Danes (Homeland)
Whoot !! Whoot !! Brilliant...Simply Brilliant !!

Best Supporting Actress - Octavia Spencer (The Help)
I really don't have anything against Spencer. She did great in The Help. I just think Jessica Chastain or Shailene Woodley were just a tad better. (Again, No Carrey Mulligan but not complaining.)

Best Director - Martin Scorsese (Hugo)
Wow. Even you thought that Hazanavicius had this in bag, Right? Me too. But I am happy for Scorsese. Hugo was brilliant. My no.2 of the Year!!

Best Actor: Comedy/Musical - Jean Dujardin (The Artist)
Well...Almost No Contest here.

Best Actress: Drama - Meryl Streep (The Iron lady)
Nooo. It actually was a two way between Viola Davis and Meryl Streep. But still Nooooo.....

Best Picture: Comedy or Musical - The Artist
Again. As Expected. Not that I am disappointed. I am really happy for The Artist even though I haven't seen it. Yet.

Best Actor: Drama - George Clooney (The Descendants
Brad Pitt was amazing and so is Michael Fessbander(as they say) but still it is completely expected. Did you listen to his speech afterwards ? I would have given him one more for that. He was brilliant in The Descendants too.

Best Picture: Drama - The Descendants
Either Hugo or The Descendants. I would not mind.
So, overall Very much what I expected them to be. What do you think ?


  1. Rango and Tintin were the only real contenders in the Best Animated Feature category - I love them both, but Tintin is more out and out fun. I would have been happy with either. Streep was such a boring choice! Too safe (I was actually rooting for Tilda Swinton myself).
    It was a very straightforward ceremony this year. No real surprises (except the Descendants for me - I did not consider it at all!) I was hoping Gervais would be more outrageous, but whatever.

  2. It was straight forward. Scorsese and Streep probably were only surprises - 1 pleasent, other not so much. I need to see Kevin - too many people rooting for her. I loved descendants. So, I was happy with it or Hugo, either way. And I really think Gervais was a little too outrageous last year. After that anything will look pale in comparison.

  3. A Separation is good, but it ain't no The Skin I Live In. (sigh) When will Fassbender get some love?

  4. I seriously doubt if he will this year Alex. He probably is little too bold for everyone.

  5. Yeah I agree. Damn shame. Get it... shame?


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