Sunday, May 13, 2012

Representing Humanity: A Blogathon

Sam Fragoso at Duke & The Movies recently proposed an excellent idea for a Blogathon to take place. Basic idea is very simple to understand yet very difficult to execute. In his own words, what we have to do is: Extraterrestrial to forces land on Earth. Unknowing of our planet and society, you can pick five films from the history of cinema that represent humanity. What titles would you choose and why? I am couple of days late, but hopefully he won't mind it. Here is my take on it.

Since they are our guests and hopefully we will want to impress them, I will try and represent as many humane attributes as possible without crossing over to the dark side. After all, we do not involve our guests in family feuds immediately, do we ?

1. In the Mood for Love(2000) Director: Wong Kar-Wai
Love, Lust, Sex - whatever you want to call it, has ruled over centuries and has played it's part in almost every major event since our existence. I probably should not assume that Aliens will know what Love is, but if they have any emotions, they will not be impervious to the beauty and charm of this Love.

2. Amelie(2001) Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
I have seen this on couple of more lists and call me a copy-cat but I can not argue with a fact that Amelie's desire to go out of her own way to help others is simply one of the best attributes of Humanity that everyone should know about, even though there are not many people like her.

3. Black(2005) Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Because I am a homer like that. Our society, our culture has come a long way since its inception and we would not be where we are right now without the two human qualities that define this film. It may not be the most original film out there, but it is an extraordinary story of Human triumph and Will power to fight against all odds.

4. Sound of Music(1965) Director: Robert Wise
I know that I am not the only one who thinks that Music has been instrumental inspiring us, in defining us. There might be a difference of opinion as to what kind of music does that to whom but Music as an art has left deep imprint on our evolution as Human being and Sound of Music is Music in it's purest form.

5. Laputa: Castle in the Sky(1989) Director: Hayao Miyazaki
It is hard to find anyone who will not be touched by the innocence of child. Any Studio Ghibli movie usually does a great job of portraying that but especially Laputa for two great central characters. But, I have always said that they are much more than just charming - they always have an amazing message in them and very keen social awareness. Sounds exactly like something I need to win over our new guests to me. 

You can check the list of all other participants here on Sam's site and let me know what you think of these choices as well.


  1. I've seen one of the five films.

    But I appreciate your approach, showing the good, as opposed to the bad.

    We most certainly don't involve our guests with our own family problems.

    Thank you for participating.

    1. Thanks for organizing it Sam !! It was fun to participate.

  2. Super choice with Laputa :)
    Amelie is becoming quite popular isn't it? haha
    Great choice with Sound of Music as well! One of the darkest periods in human history told from a very different perspective (and we have to show them the brilliance that is Julie Andrews!)

    1. Well, that was the first thing that comes to my mind when I decided to reflect Innocence in the list and I love Sound of Music. I have seen it many times just for songs. Thanks Ruth !!

  3. I love that Amelie made so many of our lists, I guess that one is a must for the aliens haha.

    Great list here all together, haven't seen Black, but it sounds interesting,

    1. Like a lot of material on this blog, you can take a credit for Amelie !! You and Ruth, both. :)

      Black is an Indian adaptation of Hellen Keller story - on the lines of Miracle Worker. That's why I said it may not be the most original story but in my opinion, it is a landmark film in Indian films for various reasons.

      Thanks for your kind words Alex !!


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