Friday, June 1, 2012

Wrapping it Up: May

One more month is now behind us, a month in which I became a year older. However, before I get into what happened with my movie watching over the month, let me start with congratulating all those who got nominated for Lammy 2012 Awards last week. I am happy that I voted for quite a few of those and little sad that some of whom I really wanted to be noticed weren't. But, not everyone can be nominated so let us turn the page and move on. So, this is what I saw in the last month.


Dawn of the Dead(2004): I have no idea how but I own it(I have a sneaky suspicion that one of my room-mates left it behind). So, I finally saw it after keeping for well over a year and for a zombie apocalypse movie, it isn't too bad and I love Sarah Polley. So, I can see pretty much anything with her in it.

My Man Godfrey(1936): I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Great slapstick supported by some great acting and assisted by spot-on dialogue delivery. My detail review here.

The Avengers(2012):And the Summer Blockbusters are here !! To tell you the truth, I do not expect any super hero movie that is not directed by Christopher Nolan to do anything other than entertain me and The Avengers did exactly that. I enjoyed watching it immensely. So, I am calling it a success.

Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf(1966): I have been told that 1966 was a very good year. Now, I don't remember watching anything else from the year, but if this is any taste, I am more than in for it. And Elizabeth Taylor, oh Elizabeth Taylor !! I simply do not have any words.

Stalag 17(1953): Second prison escape movie right after The Great Escape(1963) I saw last month. One thing that I appreciated the most about it is Wilder incorporated a lot of comic elements in it, without loosing seriousness of it for a minute.

The Lost Weekend(1945): I have been meaning to watch this for a long time and after watching Shame(2011) last month, it piqued my interest even more and I finally saw this for Billy Wilder's profile I did last month. Both the movies portray addiction at its worst and have done wonderful job of it.

The Seven Year Itch(1955): Probably the last major Billy Wilder I hadn't seen which I had to get out of the way, for my profile on him. I have said this before and will say it again - If ever Marilyn Monroe was at her best in acting, it was with Billy Wilder.

The Way Back(2010): Story of how 4 people after escaping from Siberian prison walked 4000 miles, all the way through Siberia and it's ice, then Mangolia and Gobi desert in it and eventually crossing Tibet to finally reach India. Based on a true story, it is an epic tale of human survival and will power but unfortunately it didn't go too far beyond that.

Chronicle(2012): I actually quite enjoyed it for first hour or so and it would have been really good if not for little too much over the top finale and off course, I wasn't sold on the found footage nature of the movie as well. But, it wasn't all too bad either. 

Vicky Donor(2012)(Hindi): Going in I was extremely apprehensive of it being just another failed attempt to do something going on lines of American Pie and the trailer rather confirmed by belief. However, I was pleasantly surprised by it especially since it wasn't a sex-comedy that trailer made me believe.

The Hire(2001-02): I saw this after Alex wrote a post on it - 8 shorts, each around 8-10 minutes long with one common thread, The Driver. Some of them were really good, some were kinda OK but I loved this concept of putting together loosely connected shorts as a series. Having Clive Owen at helm and some quite well-known names to direct them helps as well. 

Office Space(1999): I actually enjoyed it quite a bit but for 1999 movie, for some reason it feels extremely dated, maybe because it uses a lot of technological things which are pretty much extinct now.

Love Crime(2010): I finally saw this after recent poster release for De Palma's Passion(2010). And I am actually really glad that I did as it was nice to see a compelling thriller after quite a while and Ludivine Sagnier was a revelation. Look forward to my full review sometime next week.

The Good, The Bad, The Weird(2008): I was kind of tired of watching slashy, revenge Korean stories so I tried out a little different tone here. Ridiculously over the top but even then not completely trashy, it was quite enjoyable. But this is from the guy who also enjoys DOA: Dead or Alive(2006) in 'it is soo bad it is good' kinda way. So, judge for yourself.

How to Steal a Million(1966): One more for Audrey Hepburn. I finally gave in to her looking at me from the Netflix queue - I like her a little bit too much to keep ignoring that stare. But, as expected, even though it is not bad at all, nothing to talk about it except Audrey Hepburn either. 

Ghost Busters(1984): One more 80s classic off the list. Traditionally, me and 80s don't go too well. However, in this case, I enjoyed Ghost Busters quite a bit, especially because of Bill Murray off course but the whole 'making fun of itself' aspect of it worked really well for me.

This Film is Not Yet Rated(2006): I have heard a lot about this documentary especially during all the Bully(2011) controversy. However, even though I do agree that there are lot of flaws in the rating system and it definitely needs more transparency, I thought it was extremely one sided affair like Michael Moore docs.

Gods Must Be Crazy(1970): I was not aware of this movie until couple of days ago. The other day, my roommate casually mentioned it and when I checked it up, it was available on IMDb. So, I gave it a go and believe me, I was laughing so hard and for so long that my roommates were really concerned for me that I will choke and die.

Away From Her(2006): Sarah Polley has a way to portray relationships without being too melodramatic - the fact that was further established by this wonderful and heartfelt movie with tremendous performance from Julie Christie.

Total Count:19. 19 First Time Watches and 0 Re-watches.

2012 YTD Count 

Total Count:127. 122 First Time Watches and 5 Re-watches.

I have done it again - 0 Re-watches this month as well. 7 classics and 12 new. Only 3 Foreign, 15 English and 1 Hindi. Very few classics but I promise to make up for them next month.

Not a big month but as I said in the previous wrap-up posts, I do not expect them to be as big as February and March where I was almost on par with movie/day. June might not be too different as well. I am also quite satisfied quality-wise as there are some really good movies I saw this month. It is also a great coincidence that I started and ended my month with Sarah Polley movie - as I have already stated, one of my favorites.

One more reason May was not big on numbers was 6 serials that I am following. For the first time, this whole year all 6 were running simultaneously in May. With Game of Thrones next week, everything will quite down for summer and I have also finished The Wire now(finally !!). But then I usually go through old serials over summer and this time I have got The Sopranos lined up as I am working through the 5 serials that I have been meaning to see(The Shield, The West Wing and Boardwalk Empire will round it up).

So, how was your month ? Did you see anything interesting ? what do you think of the movies I saw ? Any favorites ?


  1. Can't wait for your "Love Crime" review! I love Polley and Dawn of the Dead was a big surprise for me - really creepy and scary film.

    1. I think you will like Love Crime. You should watch it. Anyways my review should be up in few days and then you can decide.

      And Dawn of the dead really was a surprise to me too. If you love Polley and haven't seen, give The Sweet Hereafter a chance - it's one of my favorites.

  2. Glad you liked Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966),so full of energy! 1966 was indeed a good year for film, also worth checking out in my opinion: The Face Of Another, Hunger, Seconds, and lastly Persona(which I guess you've seen since its Bergman)

    The Gods Must Be Crazy is that funny? I have never seen it, thanks for recommending. My biggest laughs this month were during Songs from the second floor (2000)

    1. Dude, I was drained of any energy after Virginia Woolf, so much energy !!

      I remember I looked into 66 after you mentioned it during My Movie Year blogathon. It definitely is a good year, even though I do not know any of the movies you mentioned above. Persona - yes, I have seen it but never understood it. too heavy for me. :)

      Gods must be crazy was hilarious. But make sure you watch original - there seem to be few sequels and I haven't seen them but from the look of it, they looked like bad rip-offs.

      P.S.: No spell-checks this time, right ? :)

  3. Chronicle was definitely a pleasant surprise for me when I saw it!
    Ghostbusters is an 80's classic that I need to check off the list soon as well....also, I should really do a total tally for the year soon as well. Looks to have been a good month for you!

    1. Can not say Chronicle was a surprise since I saw it after almost every living soul. But, still it was quite good.

      There are so many things we need to check off the list aren't there !! Haha.

  4. Nice set of films you saw last month! Thanks for the reminder on The Lost Weekend -- that's one of the last "major" Wilder films I still need to see.

    That's awesome that you finished The Wire. What was your favorite season?

    1. Thanks Eric !! Check The Lost Weekend out. It wouldn't disappoint you.

      I actually just finished The Wire, so haven't given much thought to it yet but to tell you the truth, I sure can make a damn good case for anyone other than 2nd one. It's just that good.

  5. Wow, you had a pretty great month... watched some of my favorite films - Virginia Woolf, The Lost Weekend, great stuff. Glad you enjoyed The Hire, or some of them anyway!

    1. There is a very good chance that Virginia Woolf will be high up in my all time favorites but that movie really drained me. I know you love The Lost Weekend and you also love Shame. So, did you ever think of other while watching one ? and The Hire definitely was a great experience. Thanks Alex !!


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